Golden Years Earrings
Golden Years EarringsMaterial: Rhodium plated copper + zirconBack in time and space, trace back youth. This series is based on the IP of girls who dare to pursue dreams and try bravely through the years of youth, and endow pink...
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Weightlessness Earrings
Weightlessness EarringsMaterial: Rhodium plated copper + BeadsThrow away the shackles of prejudice and go to a weightless dance. Feminine elegance comes from within itself. Inspired by rebellious prejudice, the weightless series boldly uses liquid metal texture and baroque pearls to reorganize,...
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Star Earrings
Star EarringsMaterial: 24K Gold Plated Copper + 3A Zircon InlayThe universe, starry sky, constellations, each star represents a dream. It is estimated that under the theme of discussing the universe and galaxies,Launched a series of accessories with stars as the...
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Nirvana Necklace
Nirvana NecklaceMaterial: Rhodium plated copper + ZirconComplicated emotions reorganize everything. The red and black zircon depicts the dual emotions of happiness and sadness in our modern life, guarded by the feather called "growth", the black stone splicing chain is like...
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Star Trail Ring
Star Trail RingMaterial: Rhodium plated copper + zirconI want to take a small spaceship and travel to all the stars in the universe. In every gentle night, piece together into a bright wish. The star trail series splices the splendid trajectories...
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