I want to tell you how anxious I am, and the words of anticipation are already on my lips. Fortunately, the setting sun covers my red face. I remember the meeting that made my heart flutter. In the memory of that meeting, it was revealed that the sweet confession was the moment when the balloon flew into the sky. Love is a bullet that breaks into life. The moment it hits, I look forward to tomorrow. With the theme of "confession balloons" Balloons of Love, GOOGMO hopes to reflect the brand's consistent attitude towards fashion through the interaction and design of zircon and metal materials. The romantic theme of confession and love. Confession is too shy or something, but don't be swayed by this irresistible reason, youth is sincere, fall in love, girl, hope the balloons of love, fly into the sky of love, feel the sweetness of love and the atmosphere of confession. Throw away the shackles of prejudice and go to a weightless dance. Feminine elegance comes from within itself. Inspired by rebellious prejudice, the weightless series boldly uses liquid metal texture and baroque pearls to reorganize, releasing inner rebellion and strength, coexisting uninhibited and soft, and shaping the spiritual beauty of contemporary women.
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